A podcast featuring revolving panels of writers (short story writers to screenwriters, novelists to lyricists) that gather bi-weekly to discuss industry news, hard questions about creativity, and other selected topics. Inspired by the Twitter #WritingCommunity where minds meet, encouragement flows, and lasting friendships are made by gif!

It’s a panel of screenwriters in this episode of The Write Track! We have Victor H. Rodriguez, Christy Lavalais, and Alfonso Ramirez having a discussion about their unconventional career tracks, the differences between scripts and prose, the ups and downs of collaboration and more! 

Victor H. Rodriguez

Twitter: @dimestorecaesar, Website: vhrodriguez.wordpress.com

Christy Lavalais

Twitter: @LavallaisPicsWebsite: lavallaispictures.com  Check out her book! http://amazon.com/dp/B07CLWQZM7 

Alfonso Ramirez

Twitter: @ARTalfonsoRa, Website: https://www.alfonsoramirez.co/, Prop Website: http://propbrain.net 

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