A podcast featuring revolving panels of writers (short story writers to screenwriters, novelists to lyricists) that gather bi-weekly to discuss industry news, hard questions about creativity, and other selected topics. Inspired by the Twitter #WritingCommunity where minds meet, encouragement flows, and lasting friendships are made by gif!

Willy Fairfield, Jonathan Warrick, and Brian Hanvey were on the panel this week and they discussed songwriting! They talked about how they find inspiration, their favorite genres, the state of the music industry and much more!


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Victoria Maxwell, Catherine Bowser, and Adiba Nelson joined the panel this week and we talked about the ups and downs of mental health, maintaining creativity, dealing with imposter syndrome and more!


Victoria Maxwell, Twitter: @Victoria_BPP, Website: http://www.victoriamaxwell.com

Adiba Nelson, Twitter: @AdibaNelson, Website: https://thefullnelson.net/adiba

Catherine Bowser, Twitter: @CatherineBowse2, YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxTMg_dotzA3u4Ml_JI2tcg/videos

The YA Defenders

Joelle Abejar, Cady Hammer, and Megan Manzano join this episode and they’re talking about the Young Adult genre and everything that comes with it. From examining cancel culture to settling the debate about aging out of the genre, to people dismissing its merits, and more!


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Twitter: @Megan_Manzano, Website: meg-edits.com

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Eric Smith and Kelly Peterson are on this episode and they discuss common misconceptions about agenting and writing, trends in the industry, tips for writers and much more!


Eric Smith, Twitter: @ericsmithrocks, Website: ericsmithrocks.com

Kelly Peterson, Twitter: @LitAgentKelly, Website: LitAgentKelly.com

Dream Jordan, Cherrae L. Stuart, and J.D. Edwards join the podcast to talk about dealing with rejection and using it to make positive changes, diversity in stories, not quitting your day job, and more!

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Twitter: @FaerieRealms, Website: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/JDEdwards

Count Drag-ula

Bram Stoker's Dracula had its 122nd Birthday on May 26th and on this special episode of The Write Track we're breaking down vampire lore, observing its current form, and predicting its future! 

Aksa Mahmood and E.J. Dawson return, and Luke Greensmith provides his expert knowledge of horror in this intriguing episode! 

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It’s a panel of screenwriters in this episode of The Write Track! We have Victor H. Rodriguez, Christy Lavalais, and Alfonso Ramirez having a discussion about their unconventional career tracks, the differences between scripts and prose, the ups and downs of collaboration and more! 

Victor H. Rodriguez

Twitter: @dimestorecaesar, Website: vhrodriguez.wordpress.com

Christy Lavalais

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Alfonso Ramirez

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I was joined this week by Aksa Mahmood, Daria White, and Rebekah Dodson! We talked about romance, the tropes that we've come to love and hate, social media trolls, the #CopyPasteCris incident and more!


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Scammers and Dreamers

In this first episode we sit down with Emma Lombard, E.J. Dawson, and Aksa Mahmood as they talk about their experiences as writers, being a part of the Twitter #WritingCommunity, surviving the pitfalls of social media and spotting the scammers you'll meet along the way!

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The Dark Side of Self Publishing, https://ejdawson.com/2019/04/14/the-dark-side-of-self-publishing/

Eternal Damnation Has Never Been So Sexy, https://lunarsmusings.wordpress.com/2019/02/01/eternal-damnation-has-never-been-so-sexy/